Thomas Engineering LLC., USA - The Originator of ACCELA-COTA® TABLET COATER - World's Most Advanced Tablet Coating Systems. From fully automated, high performance, tablet coating systems to small scale models, nowhere else can you find more resources and experience than at Thomas for customized solutions to your coating needs.


The Thomas Continuous Tablet Coater extends film coating technology from the typical batch process to a fast and efficient continuous process. Featuring the Thomas proven Accela-Cota® technology in a 24-inch diameter (610 mm) fully perforated drum. It offers the industry’s leading product volume flexibility of 100 to 2500+ kg/hr. Complete system automation is available with industry-leading Thomas Compu-Coat® control software, providing total process control, repeatability, and validation documentation.



  • ACCELA CTC 500


The Thomas commitment to tablet manufacturing excellence is well demonstrated by industry-leading Accela-Cota® tablet coating systems. The Thomas Accela-Cota® featuring a fully perforated coating drum revolutionized the coating manufacturing process  when it was introduced in 1969, and it continues to set the standards for tablet coating with unrestricted airflow, thermodynamic efficiency, and flexibility.

Thomas drives innovation in the tablet coating industry with a vision for improving customers’ competitive advantage by providing them with the most technologically advanced equipment. The development of the new line of Accela-Cota Pro coaters is a testament to that mission.

FLEX 200 / FLEX 500 / FLEX 1000


Thomas Engineering offers the Flex Series as a manufacturing solution to increase tablet coating productivity while maintaining the quality of your products. The Flex tablet coater provides the greatest level of versatility and flexibility with its innovative exchangeable drum design. The results it provides are consistent, and its process is reliable. It has a unique combination of features to help reduce downtime for batch-to-batch changeovers that gives the coater more process time to coat tablets.

This enhanced utilization and higher output rate mean increased profit and smoother operations. With almost limitless possibilities, the Flex Series has become one of the preferred choices for processing tablets using film, sugar, functional, and drug layer coatings. Available containment option for use with highly potent products. Thomas designed this model to be the ultimate in versatility. 


Thomas Flex 100® is offered with state-of-the-art manual or recipe-driven control systems featuring latest Compu-Coat® multi-language operating system. It also features the patented Thomas Spray Bar® with external gun positioning. The Thomas Flex 100® is a fully integrated, recipe-driven R&D/pilot scale tablet coating system with exchangeable drums.

Designed to offer a wide variety of industry-leading, high-performance features, and coating methods, the Flex 100® features external gun positioning, auto unloads, patented Thomas Spray Bar with Schlick™ patented ABC technology, and six exchangeable drums, allowing for a capacity range of 2 to 120 liters. This model comes with three wash-in-place configurations and an optional containment version for use with highly potent products.


Inspired by the needs of customers and driven by a passion for innovation, Thomas Engineering presents the Flex 05® benchtop tablet coater. The Flex 05® is more than just a film coater. It is a practical and highly functional coating platform for many processes, including those in which high weight gain, drug layers, and modified release coating materials are essential.

The Flex 05® coater includes computer-based controls with data acquisition in a compact package featuring a color touch screen HMI. Convenient and versatile, the Flex 05® is sure to become your indispensable coating equipment for rapid product development, feasibility studies, and production of early-stage clinical supplies—even with just a handful of tablets.



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