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Khimsaria Associates offers Tube Filling & Cartoning lines for speeds from 60 to 300 tubes per min. The machines are designed and developed in India with over 20 years of proven track record and multiple successful installations in India and abroad

Tube Filling Machine of speeds upto 300 tubes per minute


  • Output: 60/120/180/240/300 tubes/min

  • Combo machine output up to 150 tubes/min 

  • Fully belt based model which eliminates chain extension over a period of time and lubrication requirement

  • Hopper and Piston are in line which results in easy flow of Viscous product resulting in better fill accuracy

  • Higher Productivity due to Easy and Quick Change Over

  • Change Over from Lami to Aluminium and vice versa from HMI itself

  • Higher Productivity due to less maintenance and lower downtime

Horizontal Cartoning Machine for cartoning of Bottles, Tubes, Blisters, Vials, Soaps, Pouches, and combination packs in a wide range of Carton sizes and speeds up to 300 cartons per min


  • Output: 120/180/240/300 cartons/min

  • High GMP full Servo machine with all belt drives, No Lubrication required, No Maintenance and downtime due to elongation of chains

  • Four-arm Rotary Pick up for Cartons which will give reliable performance at speeds of 180 / 240 / 300 cartons per min

  • Three-arm pick and place system for Leaflet transfer which gives a reliable and trouble-free performance

  • Extended Carton Magazine for storing Blank cartons up to 1200 no's

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